Tourism in the Chelyabinsk Region

Uralskiye Pelmeni delicatessen

Gastronomies, bakeries, confectioneries Russian cuisine
Telephone 8 (351) 264-72-55
Address Chelyabinsk
66a Lenina prospect
Bldg 2B, 91 Svobody
St. 17 Geroya Rossii Evgeniya Rodionova prospect

Uralskiye Pelmeni gastronomy is a side project of the restaurant of the same name.

Hand-crafted pelmeni and pierogi are its main products. Over 40 kinds are available here: Firmenniye, Chelyabinskiye, Russkaya Troika, and wild game meat pelmeni, as well as pierogi with cream cheese or cherry.

There are over 250 items on the menu in total, including soups, salads, sides, and hot dishes. Over 100 sorts of baked goods are available, including samsa, chebureks, belyashs, pies, and buns. An assortment of desserts is offered, including eclairs, cupcakes, and such classic cakes as Ptichye Moloko and Napoleon.

Traditional beverages are available: berry fruit drinks, traditional kvass, liqueurs, and beer.



Uralskiye Pelmeni restaurant Russian cuisine
66a Lenina prospect, Chelyabinsk
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