Tourism in the Chelyabinsk Region

New Year's Holidays in the Urals

5 / 5
25680 (the price is per person for double room occupancy)
Types of tourism Cultural Learning
Duration 3–7 days
Tour operator Sputnik Chelyabinsk International Tourism Bureau
Meals Day 1: breakfast, lunch, dinner
Day 2: breakfast, dinner
Day 3: breakfast, lunch with elements of Ural cuisine, dinner
Day 4: breakfast, lunch
Accommodation Double or triple rooms
at the recreation centre in Miass, Turgoyak
The price includes: transportation (touring coach)
guide services
meals as per tour programme
entrance tickets
accident insurance


RUB 25,680 (the price is per person for double room occupancy)
RUB 32,180 (the price is per person for single room occupancy)

Day 1

Meeting the group, early breakfast.


Aquilon Husky Centre: visiting the puppy farm, riding a dog sled, visiting the New Year's residence of Santa Claus, hot tea from northern herbs with a sweet treat.

Aquilon Husky Centre
Aquilon Husky Centre

The Stone Settlement: hiking to rocky outcroppings from 3 to 40 metres high that look like fairy tale characters and animals.

Trip to Lake Turgoyak, check-in at the recreation centre.

Turgoyak Lake
Turgoyak Lake

Meals: early breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 2



Climbing the Bald Mountain.

Visit to Solnechnaya Dolina ski resort (all day).

Solnechnaya Dolina ski resort

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Day 3

Breakfast. Trip to Zlatoust.


The 600 Steps Along Taganay route includes an ascent to the Black Rock (853 metres high), to the observation deck that offers a panorama of the park and its most beautiful mountain peaks.

Taganay National Park
Taganay National Park

Brief tour of Zlatoust.

Lunch and tasting of ethnic Ural cuisine: Ural-style mushrooms, hare kidneys, fried roe deer, dumplings with pike, whitefish and horseradish, dumplings with radish, kalya soup in a pot, bird cherry cake and fireweed in birch bark.

Bazhov Sculpture Park: the guests are welcomed by characters of Bazhov's tales like Ognevushka-Poskakushka, Silver Hoof and the Mistress of the Copper Mountain. The observation deck offers a beautiful view; the Bell Tower and the Chapel of St. John Chrysostom are located nearby.

Zlatoust Arms Factory: a visit to the exhibition hall, a guided tour and a participatory workshop.

Парк Бажова

Meals: breakfast, lunch with Ural cuisine, dinner.

Day 4



Trip to the Lesnaya Skazka recreation centre. Swimming in the open-air spa (4 hours). Departure for Chelyabinsk. Sightseeing tour with a visit to the Ice Town and the Museum of Local Lore. Spare time. Transfer to the airport or railway station.


Meals: breakfast, late lunch.


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