Tourism in the Chelyabinsk Region

Southern Ural’s Atlantis

5 / 5
18500 (in a group of at least 2)
Types of tourism Cultural Learning
Duration 3–7 days
Tour operator ODISSEYA Travel Company
Meals According to the tour programme
Accommodation Campsite of the Arkaim Museum Preserve
The price includes: transportation
meals as per tour programme
guide services
entry tickets
museums as per tour programme
accident insurance


Day 1 The travellers are collected in Chelyabinsk.

1. The group heads to the town of Plast. Tour of the gold miners’ town, visit to the local history museum.

2. The group heads to the old Cossack village of Verkhnyaya Sanarka, where the main landmark is the old wooden church of the Icon of the Holy Virgin ‘She Who is Quick to Hearken’, built without a single nail. Visit to the Zagorodny Dom, an estate where the fence is built with the minerals that South Ural geologist Sergei Kolesnichenko brought back from his expeditions.

3. The group makes a stop by the Ay River on their way to Arkaim.

Church of the Icon of the Holy Virgin ‘She Who is Quick to Hearken’
Ay River

4. Arrival in Arkaim. The group spends the evening on an introductory exploration tour of the locality, visiting Mount Contrition, Mount Shamanka and Mount Love.

5. Dinner.

Day 2

1. Breakfast.

2. Excursions to sites of the travellers’ choosing around the Arkaim Museum Preserve.

3. Lunch.

4. Visit to the Museum of Nature and Man, site excursions.


5. Dinner.

Day 3.

1. Breakfast.

2. The group heads back to Chelyabinsk.

3. The group makes a stop at the village of Fershampenuaz, where Cossacks engaged parts of Napoleon’s army in a battle. Visit to a private gemstone museum created by Alexander Matora. The owner guides his own tours, telling the story of each exhibit on display.

4. Lunch.

5. Return to Chelyabinsk.


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