Tourism in the Chelyabinsk Region

To the source of the great river of the steppe, the Ural

5 / 5
15500 (the price is for a group of 1–3 people)
Types of tourism Combined
Duration One day
Tour operator Aviaspectr
Meals Not included
Accommodation Not included
The price includes: transportation
guide services


The Ural River is deservedly referred to as the "great" Ural seeing as how it's the third-largest in Europe in terms of length, being only shorter than the Volga and the Danube. On your way to the river's headwaters, you're going to climb to the top of Pugachev Hill. From there, you can see the lake that the Chelyabinsk meteor fell into. From up there, you will also get a stunning panoramic view of the Ilmensky mountain range, one of the mountain ranges that the Ural mountains are comprised of. On our way, we'll pay a visit to the mysterious Stone Settlement, where nature has created bizarre-looking granite figures. 

In Bashkiria, we'll visit the small town of Voznesenka. In the past, this town was home to gold diggers who donated money to build a large cathedral there. The interior was painted by artists of the same school as those who painted the interiors of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

At this point, we'll get into an off-road vehicle. We will go up to an altitude of 637 metres above sea level to reach the headwaters of the Ural River.


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